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Trick Or Treat!

My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
mmmfobbs goes trick-or-treating, dressed up as A Costume Shop.
avidreader7 gives you 1 brown coconut-flavoured pieces of chewing gum.
dicreasy gives you 2 teal banana-flavoured nuggets.
docnerd tricks you! You get a piece of paper.
fireflowersims gives you 10 tan passionfruit-flavoured pieces of bubblegum.
leilia tricks you! You lose 12 pieces of candy!
orikes13 gives you 14 mottled green licorice-flavoured jawbreakers.
penguingirl03 gives you 7 blue lime-flavoured nuggets.
profbutters gives you 11 softly glowing root beer-flavoured gummy bats.
regacylady gives you 1 mottled green cherry-flavoured wafers.
smoothiesims gives you 17 light green strawberry-flavoured wafers.
mmmfobbs ends up with 51 pieces of candy, and a piece of paper.
Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.
On the simming side, I actually found a card that works in Michael's computer!  So I'm back to playing those wacky ISBI sims anyway.  It gets me my fix.  Apparently, on the Apoc machine, the power supply is going out.  And a fan is broken.  The techie dude is gonna bring some stuff over the next time we game, so maybe... but I'm not counting on it.

Waving the white flag

I give up.  I've tried everything in my power to get the stupid computer up and running, and it continues to frustrate me.  Plug in a new card, it'll start up in safe mode, but even before I can get three steps into diagnosing and fixing troubles, it'll go kerplink to the blue screen of death.

Michael wants his techie gaming buddies to take a look at it before his game next week.  I'd prefer one of them with spare time and parts just take the damn thing with him and tinker with it at their house.  No loss to me, because for now it's just an oversize paperweight.

So, it looks like it'll be a long hiatus for the Asylum and Nebulas.  I do have an option for the Apoc story, I could do it in novel form here.  No pics, just text.  I'm not bad as a writer, I don't think, and it would reveal to you all the glorious plot I've had planned out for almost a year.  I wouldn't do this for the Asylum, because face it, it's fluff.  Fun fluff, but without the visuals, it just wouldn't have the same impact.

Pros:  You get to hear the end of the story soon.  Once I have a simming machine ready to go again, I'll probably start a different project.  Are you curious to see what I'd do with a Legacy?

Cons:  No visuals, and yes, I'll <b>start a different project</b>.  I would not go back to Planet Revolution.  Some of my future work might involve characters from there, but it wouldn't be quite the same.  Novelizing it won't be the same either, since I won't come up with the randomness that the game would do.

So, what do you all think?  Wait for a good machine, and revive the story through the Exchange?  Or novelize it here sooner?  I don't want to influence you one way or the other, I'm going to be Sims-less for a while (and rather bummed out about it) either way.  I just don't know how long people want to wait.

Environmental Stuff

I was just reading online.wsj.com/article/SB122238422541876879.htmlabout reusable bags, and it got me to thinking about them.

Cut to save your flist...Collapse )

In conclusion, PLEASE use reusable bags rather than the old plastic disposable ones.  But think about it, so that you're actually doing some good.

Little Frustrations

Sometimes, things just get a bit overwhelming, you know?

Skip this unless you're up for reading a rant...Collapse )

*big sigh*  Thanks for listening to the rant.

Asylum again!

Okay, so the two-parter was a bit spaced out, but I did it!

Chapter 6

This was a tough one to do, especially since I was trying to get it done while recovering from a migraine and sleepless night. You'll know what I mean when you read it.


The Asylum

Hey, folks, the fifth chapter is up! Days 16-18: Wanna be our friend?

I hope that link works. If not, just go find my simpage thru the other links. I'm TIRED big time. Oh, and if you just go through here rather than boolprop, don't forget chapter four. I didn't link that from here last week, sorry.


The Asylum Returns!

I finally got it done.  It helps that Michael is busy gaming so the TV needs to be off.  And that I finished "reading" that Sports Illustrated article on Michael Phelps *yum, all that gold*.

http://thesims2.ea.com/exchange/story_detail.php?asset_id=238737  Chapter 3

There's Chapter 3!  And for those of you who don't frequent boolprop.com but would still like to peruse the other two chapters...

http://thesims2.ea.com/exchange/story_detail.php?asset_id=227544  Chapter 1
http://thesims2.ea.com/exchange/story_detail.php?asset_id=229451  Chapter 2


I got the Apartment Life Guide!

If anybody has questions, I can probably answer them.  Sadly, I can't tell you about anything not covered in the guide, because I still don't have the game and I probably will wait to install it anyway.  Can't even test it out since MIchael's machine is having video card problems, how ironic.

Happy Anniversary to Me!

So, yesterday was our 7th Wedding Anniversary!  WOW!

So, thanks to anniversary and our biweekly game session, not much writing went on.  I'm gonna try to remedy that situation (I've written out storyboards for an Entirely New Project Which Doc Nerd Will Love) but it's a busy week as hubby goes back to school (with significant help from me).  Thanks for listening to me being sappy!

All Hail Michael!

Michael is made of EPIC WIN.  He is awesomesauce personified.  He... GOT MY COMPUTER WORKING!!!!11!one!

He's still a bit concerned because it grinds awfully noisily when loading up a neighborhood.  But hey, that's an improvement over crashing (as it did with this video card at first) or Completely Black Screen (before this card).  But I told him to save all the maintenance stuff until tomorrow when I'm at work, and just let me enjoy my 'hoods for a bit.  

Sure, the Maximillians are a fun diversion, but I was really getting down in the dumps over the Nebula family and the Asylum.  I've confirmed through most of a simday's play that the Asylum is okay.  And, if I get over to Planet Revolution and something is still wrong?  Yeah, it'll be a bummer, but quite honestly I could rebuild that easier than I could get the Asylum back to the current point.  I has lotsa notes and backups.  So I'm not too worried.

No chapter yet, sorry.  But at least now, you all know it's gonna happen.